5 easy tips on how to be more mindful

Mindfulness is the simple idea of being present in the now. Unfortunately due to our lifestyles and technological pursuits, it seems at times extremely hard to achieve that. In this article I will be giving you extremely easy and achievable tips to help you not only achieve a state of presence but also hopefully improve many aspects of your life. Everything is interconnected and, if we learn how to make that connection, we can start living a life that is going to be more fulfilling even in the most simple everyday actions.

So read below to find out how to bring some zen into your day to day life:

1) Walking in nature

Spending time surrounded by the secular stillness of nature helps us to find ourselves. Every time. Nothing beats the calming effects of nature. We come from mother Earth, we belong to her and she belongs to us in this beautiful unconditionally loving relationship that doesn’t require anything else than us being there in the moment. Breathe the smell in the air, listen to the sound of the leaves under your feet, the birds chirping, the crickets cricketing, the sound of a distant car. Stay there. Breathe it all in. And then all out. Until you feel completely grounded. Take off your shoes if that helps and feel the connection with the soil. Imagine being a tree, with a sturdy trunk, with strong, long roots that go down to the very centre of the earth. Feel the energy being part of yourself becoming one with the surroundings but also the planet. And do some breath work until you feel restored and back to the present moment. You are going to feel so energised and almost restored like a battery fully charged back.

2) Being present in action

The problem with today’s society is that we are surrounded by too many distractions: phones, TV, laptops, Netflix.. I could go on and on. I find that people are really scared to be completely silent and in silence. I personally love it. The problem though with all the stimuli is that we can never really focus on the very task we are doing in that precise moment. So next time you are having lunch, for example, focus on the very action of chewing, flavouring the food that you are eating, the belly getting full and satisfied, your energy level going up, the experience of pleasure in your mouth. Or if you are talking with a friend, be really present, offer that space of pure listening, focus on the sound of their voice, the words coming out of their mouth, the energy between you two. Enjoy the moment of truly and deeply connecting with another soul.

3) Meditation

This is a classic but also a classic that works. I am not going to go into details in to this, you can actually go and read Vasundhra blog here to have a better knowledge on the subject. She explains different approaches to meditation in a way I wouldn't be able to. But taking 10 mins during the day and 10 minutes in the evening just to focus on your breath it is going to create a great peacefulness throughout the day. Especially because the movement of the breath, the in and out, is something that you can take with you everywhere you go. Breathing always brings us back to the present moment.

4) Dedicated time for your phone

Phones now are everything and everywhere. Hands up who doesn’t take it to the bathroom with them. I get it, we need it to play music when we take a shower.. but unfortunately phones are a total disturbance: visual, energetic, vibrational.. unless necessary for work, for example, try to not check your phone as soon as you wake up. Wait an hour at least or even more if you can. Try not to use your phone while eating. And try stop using it a couple of hours before going to bed. You will gain in clarity of mind, peacefulness of the soul and more quality time with yourself and your loved ones. Sometimes you might even pick up a new hobby with that freed time. Try it and let me know.


I know pen and paper seem to be a thing of the past. If you ask me though, it’s still my favourite way to write. But digital works well too. Writing is such a cathartic experience for the soul. Not only it keeps you busy in the moment, but it also allows you to go through thoughts and emotion that you might have not been able to process during the day.. And even though writing about something that is not happening in the present might seem a contradiction, the action of writing is happening in the present moment. Observing your emotions with a calmer perspective will help you live a better present but also stop certain patterns or behaviours for the future. And all of this by the simple action of writing. We humans are truly magical!

I really hope I brought you some helpful insights in how to be more mindful during the day. Small changes to old habits can yield a better relationship with yourself, your time, hopefully with your job and especially your loved ones. Self love takes shape in many different forms. Sometimes it is the simple conscious act of breathing in and breathing out and deciding to spend some alone time in your own company, learning a little bit more about yourself. 

Sending love and light to all beings,

Annalisa 💗

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