5 reasons why you should let go

As human beings we have a tendency to wanting to control everything. From the way our body moves to the way our heart feels. We can’t seem to be able to enjoy the present moment with freedom and easiness. We need to control the outcome of our conversations, the way life should or would need to unfold. We want to control the way our body ages and we want to know and control the future.

I think there is beauty in naturality. In the flow of life, the flow of feelings, the naturality with whom people laugh and move and eat or sleep or even dribble when they fall asleep on public transport. And yet, we can't seem to be able to accept the notion that life cannot be grasped completely, and that free will is only a part of the magic of not being able to just control everything.

But where does this attitude stem from? Well, lack of trust in the flow of life. Lack of faith in divine timing and love. Lack of trust in ourselves and our soul design. And plain simply, fear. Living out of fear means not living aligned with love. So if you fall in the category of people who always feel the need to control every single aspect of life, keep reading below to find out why you are better off sitting back and just enjoying the ride stress free.

1) Letting go allows us to be in the present moment. Worrying about the outcome of a situation keeps us projected in the future and it takes away the joy of the present. Nothing more beautiful and freeing than enjoying exactly where we are. Living in the future with hopes or fears creates a state of anxiety in our body and mind. Also, we can get through disappointments or an exacerbated optimism that might still not match our desired outcome.

2) Letting go allows us to move freely in between outcomes. Attaching ourselves keeps us stuck, obsessing over something over and over. How often have we almost stopped living just because we kept obsessing on someone or something that it was just out of our control? The inability to let go signifies the inability to make our next move unless we know. And sometimes we won't know for a very long time. But our nature is to flow and go with the natural movement of life, so getting attached and stuck clearly keeps us flowing against the current.

3) Letting go gives freedom to the universe to work its magic and to potentially give us even more than we expect. What we want for ourselves is often limited and linked to old patterns replayed out of fear. We often think we know what we want and what's best for us. We forget that what matters is what is good for our highest good, for our soul plan and not for our limited, fear based ego. Have you ever thought that maybe what happens or doesn't happen is to make more space for something bigger or simply because it wouldn't really bring joy or healing in the long term? I truly believe the Universe is always acting in our favour.

4) Letting go means the art of acceptance and the peace that comes with it. The forgiveness, the grace, the calm, the strength, the steadfastness, the courage. Acceptance is for me one of the most powerful tool to actually achieve what it's best for us and meant for us. It means declaring to the universe, all is well, whatever will come our way I know we will be taken care of deep in my heart.

5) Letting go is a sign of self love. Sometimes we tell ourselves that only if something happens or doesn't happen we will be able to be truly happy or if we change something about our life or ourselves we will be able to move on. In truth, bargaining life on what might or not might come means living in a state of constant misery and dissatisfaction. What about learning how to make the most of what we have right now? How about thinking creatively on how to enjoy the present moment, and focusing on that little voice inside of us that tells us to be grateful for what we already have?

Letting go is an art, an exercise that we will master over time. And that it takes time to adjust into our patterns of living. Yet, once you centre in the faith and love that everything is absolutely as it should be, we gain an inner strength that will make us truly see that we always have power. To be, to become and to transform our life, not on the outside, but from the inside. Everything else will be a result of our inner spirit, a spirit that flows with life and enjoys every single moment of it.

Sending love and light,

Annalisa 💓

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