Holistic approach to healing: the fine balance between mind, body and spirit.

When we think of healthy, we often think the physical body. That would mean for many a nutritious, balance diet, regular exercise and a safe and sound sleep. And don't get me wrong: these are all very important aspects of keeping our body well functioning.

What we often forget is, that we are not only the body. We are made of thoughts, feelings, habits, memories, attitudes, experiences. We are made of mind. And heart.

So, how can we look after ourselves holistically? Are we truly healthy? Do we truly feel good? Do we ever examine if we are balanced? Are we aware of any imbalance within ourselves, either emotional or physical? Do we make conscious decisions about our health? Do we give it enough attention and love?

Very often, we would read something in a book or in a magazine and take it for an absolute truth and apply it to our lives without questioning it. Just because some sort of authority has said that. Well, guess what, you are your own authority. As much as of course there are scientific facts about the body and how it works and its geography and chemical reactions, everything else is up to us. Really.

Listening to ourselves is a skill that we can develop over time if we are not doing it already, and it will not only empower us but it will also improve our life on so many levels.

But how do we know if we are actually holistically healthy? It's simple. We need to start asking ourselves some questions. We need to start questioning our mind, our body and our soul in terms of health, which is a state free from illness. Bearing in mind that an illness is the condition where a disease is affecting us in any form.

But above all, we need to learn how to hear the answers. And that might take some time until we discover what we really need to feel truly good in our essence.

Below you will find a few of the questions you could start asking yourself to check in with you and give you a head start. Feel free to dd your own and share some in the comments section.

Questions to ask for our mind health:

Do we fill yourself with happy thoughts?

Are we kind to our self?

Do we show the same loving tender care to our self as we do to others?

Do  we take time for self care?

Are we mindful?

Do we take breaks from social media?

Can we leave work at work or do we take it home?

Do we fill ourselves with kind thoughts?

Can we say no?

Can we establish healthy boundaries?

Do we take a break when we feel overwhelmed?

Do we ask for help?

Do we give ourselves enough rest?

Do we allow ourselves to rest?

Questions to ask for our soul health:


Does our life bring us joy?

Do we act from a place of love?

Are we centred in our heart?

Do we listen to the physical sensations of our body?

Do we recognise them as signs of our soul speaking to us?

Are we aware of the signs and messages that the universe gives us every day?

Do we acknowledge the needs of our heart?

What does self love looks like?

Do you listen to your gut instinct?

Do you trust yourself and your intuition?

Do we spend time with ourselves truly showing up for who we are?

Are we being true to ourselves?

Questions to ask for our physical health:

Are we mindful when we eat?

Are we grateful for the food that we are eating? 

Is the food we choose to eat the best we can eat for our body? 

Does eating carry an emotional negative charge?

(If your food comes from a sentient being be mindful as you will be also ingesting the feelings of violence, torture, fear and death into your system).

Is our food seasonal?

Is our food heavily processed?

How much time do we spend in nature?

Do we move our body enough?

Do we move our body in ways that bring us joy?

Do we give our body physical pleasure?

Do we sleep enough?

Do we love our body?

Do we pamper our body?

Do we touch our body in ways that show love and care?

By simply answering some of these questions with honesty and awareness, we will be able to see what areas are lacking of health and how we can fix them. Sometimes we might need professional help, and that's absolutely fine. The point of change happens in the moment we become aware that somethings needs adjusting. The healing process has already started. And that's something to give yourself credit for!

A holistic approach to our life means being in tune with ourselves, listening to the whispers of our souls before they become roars. It truly means understanding why we get that bloating after a certain a food. It means taking a break when we get tired. It means allowing ourselves to say no. It means finding that balance in our everyday life that allow us to reach a state of calm that is sustainable and that allows our growth.

Health should be actively sought as the means through which we not only enjoy our lives, but where we also learn how to connect with our soul. There can be no separation between the trinity of what we are made of. It's a fine balance to understand the subtleties. But the efforts will create a better relationship with ourselves. With others. And it will allow  us to live life from a place of union and freedom.

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