How connecting with your own inner child can fast track your own healing.

Spiritual healing is, at its core, a journey back to your true self.

When was the last time that you felt purely and truly yourself?

Please take some time to answer this question. Don’t rush it. Sit with it for a while. Get uncomfortable. And above all, be true to yourself.

As adults, we tend to hide. Behind masks, status, expectations, roles, behaviours, attitudes, clothes, make up. It’s normal. Nothing to beat ourselves up about. It’s a common trait that many of us took on board while growing up as a coping mechanism.

Remember that time when your teacher at school told you off because you were being too loud? Or your mother, warning you that if you kept behaving a certain way she wouldn’t love you anymore? Or that friend that made you feel that you weren’t part of the cool club just because?

We come to this world completely innocent. Absolutely pure. With the most beautiful, open hearts. Trusting and lacking judgment. I guess we manage to keep this attitude for a couple of years. Then,  things start changing.

One point I would like to make clear is that we should never blame anyone for anything, especially ourselves. We all act at the best of our ability at that precise moment in time. Blame doesn’t heal. It only keeps us stuck in the same vortex and doesn’t allow progress to happen.

But it is extremely important to understand that, as children, we lack the spiritual and the emotional maturity to filter and to also take distance from the events and the people in our life. We are dependent on our parents, siblings, tutors. We only want to feel safe, loved. We only want to play endlessly and feel free. We want to keep our little bubbled world sheltered and we want to be at the centre of it.

What happens when all of this is threatened to disappear? We start taking on behaviours that prevent us from feeling unsafe, abandoned and unworthy of love.

This all happens on a subconscious level. Equally though, these patterns become more and more embedded in our nature. They become the shield from which we start hiding our true self in fear of not being loved and accepted for who we truly are.

We carry these filters through which we allow others to see us as second nature. We don’t question them. We don’t even realise they are there most of the time.

Until we wake up. Or our life starts being a complete mess. Or we can’t seem to keep any relationship in our life without feeling constantly triggered.

When faced with struggles or any sort of emotional unbalance, we must ask ourselves:

  • Why am I reacting this way?

  • Is this scenario similar to other scenarios I have experienced before?

  • Am I acting out of fear?

  • What and why is this person/experience triggering me?

  • Am I hiding my true self because I am scared of being seen?

  • Am I stuck in the same cycle of patterns?

  • What am I scared to see?

  • What am I scared to loose?

  • What would happen if I truly showed myself for who I truly am?

From these questions, we can discern that fear is at the core of our uneasiness. But also lack of self confidence, lack of self love, defensive behaviour, manipulative attitude, controlling issues, the list could go on forever, are all results of our wounded inner child.

Is it possible to heal our inner child? Of course it is.

With Reiki, for example, we can send source energy into the past, to also very specific events that we know created hurt and pain.

But we can also use very simple methods that can involve:

  • writing love letters to our inner child. Address these letters to your younger self. Write beautiful words of love and tenderness. Maybe the ones you always wanted to hear and never did.

  • in meditation, visualising us and our inner child having meaningful conversations. Ask your younger self questions. Wait for the answers. They will come. They always come. Maybe a few days later when our mind is so not focused on expectation. Hug your inner child, tell them how much you love them and how proud you are of them. The more love we will pour, the more healing will occur.

  • as painful as it sometimes can be, if we are moved to do it, going back in time with our mind to re-live those very moments that hurt us or those very people who caused us pain can be extremely healing. But forgiveness must follow. It is fundamental to do so, because we deserve peace of mind.

  • Journaling: writing all the emotional blockages and limiting believes we hold against ourselves to finally release them out in the open to let them go forever. It's like opening the door to a cage we always held the key of.


But above all, we must forgive ourselves. At the base of it all, there is that blame and guilt towards ourselves that we need to let go of. These feelings can stem from believing we deserved what happened to us, or simply for having allowed certain behaviours or shields to become part of us.  With this, a new door will open. The door of compassion towards ourselves. And we will slowly start dissolving the armour of protection we have been carrying for so long.

And we start revealing ourselves. With innocence again. With purity. With tenderness. With light-hearted joy. With playfulness. With compassion.

I truly believe that when we start acting from a place of love and compassion towards ourselves, we also give space to the ones around us to do the same. It's true what they say - when you heal yourself you heal the world - . We can only change ourselves and by changing ourselves we can inspire others to do the same.

Start with you. Start today. One small change. One small act of awareness. That’s all it takes to start our healing journey towards a life that not only starts to flow effortlessly but where we are also able to create a lighthouse for others. The ripple effect is a realty. And what is more beautiful than allowing our inner child to finally shine light on our present life? And playtime, nevertheless, shouldn't only belong to children.

May we always give space to our inner child to be nurtured by dreams and creativity. May we always allow ourselves the space to stay true to ourselves and allow others to do the same.

Sending love and light to all beings,


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