Spiritual healing: the key to enjoy the imperfection of life.

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

We are energetic beings. Of course we are made of skin and bones and blood and water and that's how we experience our humanity and our everyday life. But we are also souls, going from lifetimes to lifetimes, healing our karma, hopefully ascending higher and, as I see it, experiencing our humanity to unlayer ourselves form the baggage load that weigh us down and doesn't let us experience our spiritual life fully.

It is my belief that, before reincarnating in our next life, we choose the experiences and the so called struggles in order to heal our soul and take it further into the ascension path. In simple terms, what we weren't able to heal in our past or present life, we have the chance to heal now. If a lesson wasn't learned, we have now a new opportunity to grow and expand. I truly believe life doesn't happen to us. It happens for us. And once we shift our perception, that's truly game changing. Bringing awareness into our conscious mind means we are already on a spiritual path. However, that doesn't mean that the healing process will be a stroll by the beach.

It's important to remember that healing takes time. It's a long journey, full of detours, curve balls, relapses, moments of great darkness where time seems to sit still. And yet. Progress does happen. Change will occur. We will look back and we will see how far we have travelled.

One single step, that's all it takes.

As a Reiki healer, I believe in the gentle power of energy flowing through our body and stirring right there where we need it the most. If you have been on your spiritual journey long enough, you might be aware of how energy blockages manifest and what they feel like. But sometimes our restlessness is vague, we can't shape it or locate it anywhere specifically. And that's why Reiki is perfect for our journey. It works in favour of our highest good, nudging and pushing, ever so gently, to the surface what needs our attention the most.

One thing to remember is that nobody can really heal us. We can only heal ourselves. Healers can hold space and offer assistance. But the dirty work needs to be done by us. Not only this has a true empowering effect, it also gives us the possibility to work at our own pace and terms, deeply understanding what needs love and light. We need to start learning to listen to the guidance of our soul, that soft voice that often we decide to silence but that is always there, ever so loving and present.

So we decide to take the first single step towards our healing. What happens next? Well, let's be prepared for probably the most exciting, messy, painful, magical time of our life! Truth is, healing is a whirlwind of ups and downs. At the beginning there might be sparks of joy and bliss. As someone put it to me once, this is to show a glimpse of how life could be, if we allow it to be. But it will definitely also mean dips in the greatest darkness.

And how long these dips will last will only depend on us. Healing is extremely disquieting. But are we prepared to feel uncomfortable? If yes, for how long? We are so used to always finding a remedy to our uneasiness: a pill, a glass of wine, a distraction or a long term addiction as long as we don't feel uncomfortable anymore.

The majority of us, let's face it, doesn't want to face the source of our problems. So often, an unhealed trauma can result in a physical or emotional problem. Most of us ignore that. We would rather treat the symptoms rather than digging the magic of our body. We are now aware that something is off. The pain, physical or emotional is the way our soul is trying to get our attention. How beautiful is that? Don't you just feel very much loved all of a sudden?

But the question is: are we ready to start this beautiful journey of healing back to ourselves? Do we feel worthy of living our life blissfully and joyfully? Are we ready to accept that in the lack of perfection of our life, we can find the key to walk our path with divine help and grace? Are we ready to start loving ourselves with tender compassion and kindness?

We carry divine light within us. Healing is truly possible. And it's important to understand that this doesn't mean striving and achieving that perfect dream life. Healing means accepting life for what it is in the present moment and seeing all those moments as the map that guides us back to our original truth.

Sending love and light to everyone, feel free to share what put you on your spiritual path and what healing techniques have worked for you, I would love to hear from you!


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