The 5 principles of Reiki: the gratitude of the heart starts in the Now.

Reiki, a spiritual healing practice created by Mikao Usui at the beginning of the 20th century is based on 5 principles or - precepts - that were created to support the spiritual path of his students. Today these principles have slightly changed in wording and phrasing, but the meaning and the message has pretty much stayed the same and I would like to share them with you today and give them my own interpretation with the intent of bringing a more easiness of life, whatever your spiritual path might be.

These principles can be used by anyone wanting to live a life lead by the heart, or simply wanting to deepen their spiritual approach. Or they can just be used as mantras during our meditation practices. Regardless of your path of life or religious beliefs, these precepts will bring us back to the present moment, making it really about the now. They will help us to see and appreciate the greatest gift of all: the present moment. So scroll down to know more abut them!


When we centre in our heart and act from a place of love, there is no space for any other emotions. Anger, originally having the meaning of squeezing or choking, truly gives the impression of an emotion that wants to suppress, restrain, push down. So rather than going with the flow of life and accepting gracefully whatever bumps or curve ball life is throwing at us, we decide to resist. That’s it, anger is resistance covered in aggression and tension. So when we whisper with our heart "only for today I will let go of anger” we are actually saying that today we will accept life for what it is and that we will meet every obstacle with grace, knowing it's for our highest good.


I feel that everything that is not met through grace and love is actually resistance. Worry is a lack of trust in the infinite abundance and goodness of the universe. It’s that annoying feeling that keeps us in the future and that doesn't allow us to enjoy the present time. Always projected towards the uncertainty of the future and the nostalgic safety of the past. How can we get past this nagging feeling of tension? Simply we need to trust. Like when we trust that your body is going to take the next breath, that our heart will take the next beat, that our blood will circulate freely. We don't even think about how our body works. Millions of cells synchronised for us to live. We never worry about it, do we? So why don't we start giving the universe some credit and start feeling its safety and love? And if we feel we are still struggling with this, let's keep whispering to our self until we believe it: "everything always happens for my highest good". And see how that works for you. Sometimes rewiring will take time. But it will happen. Trust me on that!


Integrity stands for living with honesty, fairness. But its secondary meaning is to live in solidarity, togetherness. In unity. And so this is a gentle reminder that every action we take has its consequences and that our actions affect each other. Consequently,, next time we are at work, at home, with friends and family or surrounded by strangers, before we say something or we do something, let's take a moment to ponder if our actions or words are for the greatest good of everyone involved. Let's feel if our being is being moved by love or ego. Let's pause to see if we are going to raise the vibration of our souls into love and compassion. And nonetheless, doing our job with integrity in my opinion means being fully present. Whatever we are doing, saying and thinking let‘s make sure is done in accordance with our role. May that be the mother, the daughter, the doctor, the sales assistant. Let us be the best we can be. And we can only do that if we are consciously present.


To me, true peace can only be found when we are in harmony within ourselves but mostly with nature. She is the mother that gives us life, with her inhabitants and her elements. To disrupt her is to break the balance inside ourselves. We trash the streets, we kill insects like they don‘t matter, we litter the oceans, we eat animals so nonchalantly. We give no value to any of our actions. Almost as this won't affect us. The problem with this, I believe, is the lack of connection with the natural world. It's almost like we are two separate entities. It's the belief of separation that creates disconnection. But we would't exist without her. Oppositely, nature and her inhabitants would still be here without us. And we should truly reflect on this truth. How can we show gratefulness for her nurturing nature no matter what? How can we give thanks for her standing beneath our feet providing a safe and solid ground for us to experience this magical human experience? Through reverence. Deep appreciation. Respect. And I have feeling that with that approach we will be learning self respect too, leading to the recognition of the oneness of it all. We will realise that hurting mother earth or her inhabitants equals to hurt ourselves too.


And gratefulness should be the balm from where we dip in our mind, body and spirit. Gratefulness needs to be practised and cultivated. Nothing in our life should be taken for granted. Having a grateful heart means accepting life with grace, through the light of our being. It means seeing the lesson for us to learn, even in the struggle. Seeing the other through the eyes of compassion even when they hurt us. Gratefulness means opening our life to more beauty and goodness. Whatever that might need and mean for our soul. And sometimes this will mean just saying to our heart: thank you. Gratefulness is the sweet lullaby that brings peace to our life. Being grateful means flowing with the current of life and learning how to swim. And remember, a grateful heart attracts miracles.

To me, these 5 principles all tie in with each other. And they all lead to choosing the path of love that ultimately goes back to living a life where we let go of worry, of anger and where, through kindness and integrity, we can finally charge our heart with a sense of gratefulness that can elevate the quality of our spiritual life. In the end, what’s the ultimate goal if not filling ourselves with love and pouring it all back into the world?

Sending Love and Light to all beings,

Annalisa 🧡

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