Helene, jewellery designer, London:

'I've had the most exciting Reiki Experience. I was new to Reiki and Annalisa made me feel comfortable from the very first session. We worked on different aspects of my mind and body. After the first session, I could feel my energy level kicking in, then after the second one my mind and body felt lighter. But it was after the 4th session that I felt a true connection with myself, like if something I lost clicked within me again. I could never thank Annalisa enough to be by my side during this amazing experience'.

Francesco, Station supervisor, London:

'Annalisa helped me during a very difficult time in my life: when I was at my lowest, at my most desperate. Her sessions were able to calm me down more than medication, enabling me to deal with my problems rather than being overwhelmed by them. The benefits were also physical. Several times I went to Annalisa with symptoms of discomfort in my gut and her hands seemed to have a true healing power considering that the pain often subsided immediately after the sessions. I could not recommend her enough as she is simply the most empathetic person I know. She truly seems to care about who she endeavours to help'.

Marta, make up artist, London:

'I believe in good energy. Unfortunately my last few years have been very tough, I felt rotten inside, with low mood and low energy. I heard about Annalisa from my friend and she recommended me to go and see her. Sometimes when you meet someone new you can sense good energy straight away, it almost blinds you. I told her my issues and she explained to me step by step how to work together to heal. She also explained to me how my body could react. We focused on many different things and also on past traumas that were still troubling me. With each session I felt my emotions were coming to the surface. I felt tired and drained but I know I had started my healing. Annalisa  knew where to focus her energy and what to do to help me help myself. After all the sessions I received, I feel more calm, I am not as aggressive, I am more patient. I am healing. Annalisa is an angel on earth and I am sure I will have more Reiki in the future with her. She told me one thing I will never forget: 'You are a garden and Reiki will help you remove all the dead plants and weeds'. 

Agnes, business analyst, London:

'At first I didn't know what to expect and was a bit sceptical. What impact could it possibly have if there was no tangible involvement? I was very run down and depressed at the time, which was affecting my well being and those reiki sessions made me feel more stable with my emotions but also more energetic. I don't know how reiki  works but it is definitely worth a try. If you are tired, stressed, juggle too many things at the same time and it feels like they are draining your energy, it's nice to get a little boost back and reiki is perfect for it. I will be going back to have a little top up from time to time.'

Gemma, nail technician, London:

'I feel very blessed to have Reiki Healing with Annalisa. I initially came to her feeling totally run-down, unbalanced and not really looking after myself. But more deep rooted, I have always struggled with lack of confidence and self doubt. 

Before even starting the session, you get a sense of calm and tranquil energy from her. She has a very calming, kind, nurturing nature. During the treatment I always feel an inner calm that I drift to sleep. I am always amazed when we speak about what I experience during the session and what it relates to. The days after I have so much energy and feel so positive. I honestly believe this has helped to give me the confidence and direction to start planning positive changes in my life and move forward. 

I would highly recommend Annalisa as she is an exceptional Reiki healer, who has a beautiful heart and wanting to share this beautiful gift to help others. Everyone needs an angel in life to help them out, this is why I am so grateful to have found Annalisa!'. 

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